Yasmeen Alsham

Hot Appetizers

Puff Pastry (Burak)

Cheese, Meat, Spinach

Cheese Rolls

Deep-fried Puff Pastry layers stuffed with Cheese

Basket of Damascene Treats

A collection of Syrian Puff Pastry, Cheese Rolls and Kebbe


Your choice of Kebbe: Hamees, Sajieh, or Mabroumeh

Kebbe Plater


Mousakhan Wraps

Fine sliced Chicken cooked with Sumac and
Caramelized Onions wrapped into Arabic Bread and
served hot from the oven


Syrian sausages marinated with your choice
of pomegranate sauce or lemon garlic sauce

Chicken Liver

Chopped Chicken Liver with Hommus and Lemon
Garlic or Pomegranate sauce

Chicken Wings  

Chicken Wings marinated with Coriander and Lemon
Garlic sauce

Vegi Sojuk

Stir fried Sojuk cooked with fresh Vegetables and
spicy Tomato sauce.

Batata Hara

Potato Cubes cooked with Coriander, Garlic, Lemon
sauce and Spices

Alayat Banadora

Sliced Beef cooked with Onions, Vegetables and Tomato sauce
(Vegetarian option available) 

Mufarket Batata

Potatoes cooked with Scrambled eggs and seasoned
with Traditional Spices

Mfaraket Fottor

Minced Meat sautéed with Onions and Mushrooms 

Meat Arayes

Grilled bread stuffed with Spiced Minced Meat and Vegetables


Grilled bread stuffed with Meat and Cheese

Akraas Naanaa

Minced Meat seasoned with Mint, Garlic and Lemon

Juz Muz

Eggs fried with Tomatoes, Onions and Garlic 


Shrimps marinated in Lemon and Garlic Sauce


Calamari cooked and marinated in Lemon and Garlic Sauce